GREEN: The Impossible Color

GREEN: The Impossible Color
The Painting Center
547 West 27th Street, Suite 500, New York City
April 23 – May 18, 2019

Curated by Rachael Wren
The Painting Center presents Green: The Impossible Color, a group exhibition that brings together diverse works by 41 contemporary artists exploring the color green through a wide variety of material, formal, and conceptual approaches.
Curator Rachael Wren writes: “Of all the colors in the rainbow, green is perhaps the most mutable and multifaceted. As a color, it can lean towards yellow, blue, gray, or brown, while still remaining unquestionably itself. Green evokes associations of landscape and nature – everything from the palest new spring buds to the dark evergreens of deep winter. Yet it can also remind us of cities and the manmade – green glass skyscrapers, copper rooftops, the Statue of Liberty, and printed money. Emotionally, green has long signified envy, a pit of snakes coiled in the body. But add white and the color turns minty, suggesting more pleasant and peaceful states of mind.”
The works shown in Green: The Impossible Color encompass a range of media: painting, photography, collage, video, and sculpture. They run the gamut from landscapes to portraits, from minimal abstractions to heavily patterned images, and from quiet meditations to political commentary.  Yet, for all their differences, they are united in using green not merely as a hue, but rather as an integral character. In each piece, each in its own way, color becomes content.
Artists include: Ky Anderson, Jessica Bartlet, Lynne Campbell, Alexander Churchill, Ann Cofta, Elaine Coombs, Andrea DeFelice, Grace DeGennaro, Rodney Durso, Andrea Ferrigno, Deborah Freedman, Fukuko Harris, Will Hutnick, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Keri Kimura, Anki King, John Lee, Joe Morzuch, John Drew Munro, Patrick Neal, Douglas Newton, Carrie Patterson, Leslie Roberts, Marcy Rosenblat, Christopher Schade, Stacy Seiler, Naz Shahrokh, Fran Shalom, Julie Shapiro, Sarah Shirley, Francis Sills, Anne Spalter, Craig Stockwell, Rella Stuart-Hunt, Amy Talluto, Marilyn Turtz, Ed Valentine, Marjorie Van Cura, Lauryn Welch, Andrew Werth and Becky Yazdan.

Download catalogue here.

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"Artist Marjorie Van Cura's bold work stands apart for its graphic savvy. Her dynamic aesthetic is a constant force as she explores the chaos and order in natural disasters through continuous line drawings."

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