de/Constructing Worlds

de/Constructing Worlds
November 8 – December 15, 2018
Opening Reception: Thursday November 8, 6-8pm

John Michael Byrd
David Hannon
Ben Pederson
Marjorie Van Cura
Annie Varnot
curated by Amanda Tiller

UMass NYPOP Gallery is proud to present de/Constructing Worlds, an exhibition of the work of five UMass Amherst alumni artists based in New York City. 

The meaning of the word “world-building” has evolved in the 200 years since it was first introduced. Today, the term most often refers to entire fictional worlds complete with their own histories, languages, ecologies, and even laws of physics. Popular culture is so inundated with these fictional worlds that we have almost come to expect them as an integral component of our literature, film, television, and games.

But in the 19th century, world-building described the imaginative realm of artists and poets. This realm was a personal one, an individual mental state entered into by the artist. Hamilton Wright Mabie wrote, “To this world-building all the great poetic minds are driven; within this invisible empire alone can they reconcile the life that surrounds them with the life that floats like a dream before them.”
The artists in this exhibition exist somewhere between these two definitions. Their work reads like specimens or artifacts taken from some imagined world - incomplete relics that only tell us a part of the story. 
Gallery Hours:  Tuesday – Friday, 10a – 6p
UMass NYPOP  |  526 W. 26th Street, Suite 314  |  New York, NY 10001  
212.633.6826  |

Fever: Artists Take On Climate Change

Fever: Artists Take On Climate Change
August 30 – September 30, 2018
5-25 46th Avenue
Long Island City, Queens
CURATORS: Franco Repetto & Ivana Larrosa

LiC-A/The Plaxall Gallery is pleased to announce fever, an exhibition by a selected group of artists that explore the different takes on climate change/global warming through thought provoking and poetic interpretations on the subject. Featuring painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation, along with informative quotes from world leaders, that challenge and bring awareness to an issue that affects us all.

Artists included are J.F. Bautista, Violet Baxter, Patricia Bouley, José Carlos Casado, Carol Crawford, Joseph De Leo, Everything Is Collective, Jean Foos, Orestes González, Jean-Marie Guyaux, Ivana Larrosa, Jim Lee, Guido Manuilo, Nancy Miller, Cristián Pietrapiana, Mary Pinto, Nancy Rakoczy, James Seffers, Andrés Senra, Ruth Somalo, Sharon Taylor, Marjorie Van Cura, and  Zelda Zinn.

Read press release here.
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