My work reflects a curiosity about the intersection of science and technology with the natural world – and their mutual effects upon each other. Universal ideas of incongruous dualities provide further inspiration:




The Terrible Beauty of natural disasters and climate change informs my newest body of work both visually and conceptually. News photography or remembered imagery of a devastated landscape, in the aftermath of an awesome destructive force, provides a basis for study drawings that are rendered in a blind contour of continuous line. I then hand-trace these drawings repeatedly on translucent or clear film, in overlapping iterations, using mixed mediums such as graphite, permanent marker, acrylic ink or oil paint. The resulting patterns of interwoven calligraphic line and optical color create a complex image and visceral experience.

My previous body of work incorporated an invented, person iconography in the form of hybrid creatures (“Chimeras”) made up of human-animal-mechanical parts. My interest in hybrids is rooted in a life-long fascination with science and anthropology, including the structure, mapping and reconfiguration of genetic code. The hand-tracing process relates conceptually to how cells grow, propagate, age and regenerate.